Friday, November 21, 2008!!!!!

So there is this girl in my sketching class at F.I.T. who told me she started a website. She said "it's like craigslist for designer shoes". I had to check it out and it is so amazing! She launched the site last week and I wish her all the best. PLEASE visit the site and start using it and/or telling your friends about it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please Vote!

In an earlier entry I wrote about a company called Mohop and how wonderful they are. Well now they are up for a grant that would help this companyt grow. All we have to do is vote!
PLEASE go to and vote for Mohop now.
If you want to see why i love this company so much go to to see.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

Where is Style Bytes?????

For the past month I've been wondering what happened to my favorite blogger Agathe from StyleBytes. She was my inspiration for starting a blog in the first place and now she is nowhere to be found. Her pictures are always great eye candy and she has great DIY ideas. So if anyone knows anything spread the word because we all miss reading her lovely posts.:-)
Apparently she is alive because this I found this blog that gives a detailed look on Agathe and where she has been. Take a look and see for yourself. Here is the one of the photos from the page.

I'm officially a stalker.....


Hi everyone. I haven't posted anything in a while mainly because of work and the warm weather has kept me outside and away from computers. Today this post will unfortunately be sad.....
Yves Saint Laurent died in his Paris home yesterday after a long illness at the age of 71. I believe he changed the way women dress and feel in the workplace with the trim pantsuits and tuxedos. I heard this quote today and I believe it sums him up. "Chanel gave women freedom" and Saint Laurent "gave them power". Laurent became head of the Dior fashion house at the age of 21 after Dior died in 1957. Laurent had an extremely impressive life and he inspires me to be more ambitious.
So for now here are some photos of some of his work that will make us all remember him and smile.:-)

Monday, April 21, 2008


Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in finding anything at the flea market on Saturday. The markets in the Manhattan always have a lot of tourists so they up the prices a lot. Maybe this weekend I will go to one of the other markets in Brooklyn. Sunday Elliot and I had brunch at our usual place with a very good friend of mine and her husband. After that I had the urge to bake a cake. I decided on red velvet with cream cheese icing and it turned out so beautiful. For dinner I made Chicken Francese with rice.

My camera kinda sucks so my pictures will as well until I figure out how to use it better.